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Carmel Partners

Tom Tschudin

Jon assisted us in helping to resolve a stalemate issue of the purchasing of a utility easement underlying a government owned roadway to upgrade a deteriorating and dangerous utility system for one of our large housing projects on Oahu. Although we have not yet resolved other issues of the incomplete project we appreciate his diligence and knowledge that helped the project proceed.

RM Towill Corporation

Russell Figueiroa

As the largest local engineering firm in Hawaii we have been asked to undertake various projects of different magnitude on all islands. From time to time we are faced with complex real estate issues affecting our projects. Jon has a not only helped us solve these issues but he has always completed them expeditiously. His expertise and ability to listen and communicate with a wide range of people has been an asset to our company.

Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning LLC

Michael Ahern

Jon has been an excellent real estate consultant for Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning LLC project which is a 300 million dollar, 25,000 ton seawater air conditioning cooling system for commercial and residential properties in down town Honolulu. His ability to bring the parties together for the meeting of the minds has helped tremendously in moving our project along. His overall knowledge of the Hawaii real estate market and his valuation expertise was evident by the respect he received during his interaction with the many different private individuals and governmental agencies.

Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties

  Trudy N. Nishihara

Jon is an excellent resource for appraisals and real estate property investments. His many years in the real estate industry has earned him a reputation of integrity and professionalism.


Honolulu HomeLoans LLC

Tom Zimmerman

For years Yamaguchi & Yamaguchi Inc. has serviced our company with quality appraisal in a timely fashion. He has helped our employees and the lending community to learn the finer points of real estate appraisal by seminars and various speaking engagements. Their quarterly newsletter is also well received and informative to us.

The Mortgage Group LLC

  Michael Nekoba

Jon is very knowledgeable of many facets of real estate appraising. My company specializes in complex real estate properties and we rely on his expertise and experience to guide us correctly. His network is local, national and global and has helped put me in touch with the right people that I need to know for my business. He is currently helping me partner my Asian clients with U. S. Interests.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hawaii

  Malia Siu, (R)

Stephanie, your company is great to work with. Thanks for always helping me grow my business and giving my clients good advice when it comes to appraising their personal and business assets.

A C Schwethelm & Associates, Inc.

Arno Schwethelm

Jon is a true professional in the real estate appraisal and counseling profession. It has been my pleasure to work with him in the Counselors of Real Estate on a number of committees. He always provides well thought out opinions and strong leadership.

Real Estate Appraiser

Steven J. Nishimura

Jon is an experienced real estate counselor with a vast network of business opportunities.

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